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LipoMax© is a phytonutrient complex which provides total support for liver health. The liver plays a major role in metabolizing nutrients, detoxifying the body of poisons, and maintaining overall health and vitality. Unfortunately, the liver is often damaged and becomes sluggish by an onslaught of toxic chemicals, drugs, and pollutants from modern life. LipoMax© can help counteract these challenges. LipoMax© was formulated to protect liver cells from damage, and optimize liver functions that are vital for good health. Benefits: Helps relieve the symptoms of bloating, fatigue, water retention, allergies and a sluggish metabolism. Provides antioxidants needed for proper liver cell protection. Aids the body in detoxification. Helps decrease fat deposits in the liver, thus helping to lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Need to bust through that plateau, order LipoMax today, the #1 liver detox product in America.


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